To navigate the changes in consumer behavior during COVID-19, marketers that are flexible, proactive, and most importantly, well informed will be successful. That is why Amobee is giving exclusive access to our real-time discovery dashboard, insight reports, and more.  

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Real-time COVID-19 dashboard

Powered by Amobee's Brand Intelligence. Explore data from searches, content, sharing, clicking, commenting, and video consumption. This engagement analysis compares the average engagement with COVID-19 content, such as searches, reading an article, sharing, clicking, commenting, and watching video.

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Download trend reports by industry vertical

QSR Report

Postmates is the hottest home delivery and food delivery related topic, receiving the upward trending engagements.

CPG Report

Focus on delivery and takeout options has shifted from lunch to dinner.

Automotive Report

GM’s ventilator creation project has been receiving the highest level of engagement during this period.

Wine & Beer Report

Discover trending beer and wine conversations that indicate a growing interest in delivery and pick-up services.

Finance Report

Trends around finance include bear market, oil, insider trading, and stimulus.

Travel Report

Priceline,, and other online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing in engagement.

Spirits Report

Interest in cocktail recipes has been generally low since March 8, when restrictions on movement in Nothern Italy were announced

Media Report

Consumption of "online"-related content has risen slightly, with audiences focused on online voter registration, classes, and games.

Retail Report

As COVID-19 panic spreads, grocery content is dominant, but home decor and cleaning have increased importance toward the end of Q1 2020

Healthcare Report

Healthcare workers show interest in technology, health care reform, and global health.

Media Report

See the CTV shows receiving the highest levels of viewership among an audience who is consuming a high level of coronavirus related content.

CPG Report

Lysol and Clorox are trending upwards around cleaning products and engagement around Household Bleach has grown above 1000% month over month.

Sports Report: NBA

NBA Playoffs interest begins to rise 2 days prior to the first match with peaks in engagement surrounding notable games and layers

Sports Report: MLB

Reach MLB fans via alternative genre and network targeting. More than half of this audience has been consuming content in these genres.

Sports Report: March Madness

See the shows March Madness fans have been most likely to engage with compared to the general population over the last three months.

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